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Customer feedback:

"I purchased a servo Cycler at the Southeastern Model Show and I am thrilled with it. As I am fairly new to RC building, I can use every advantage to getting the servos centered and working correctly. It has already shown me a bad servo in my plane before it has even flown. Thank you for your outstanding product. My buddy at the field plans on buying one also. It really is a great product." Bill G.

"I've been reading about it for months. Then I get in the middle of a project and kick myself for not having ordered one. I'm in the middle of another project and decided I better get it NOW. Thanks." Eric J.

"I purchased your servo tester and was delighted to find it in my mail box in three days( that was quick!). It is everything you advertised and I can't wait to show it off at the next club meeting. Thanks." Herb H

"First of all, it's very easy to use. Secondly, it immediately found troubles with two servos I'd been questioning for some time. One has a scratchy pot that goes a little bonkers just a bit left of off-center while the other has limited travel to one side... This little tool is going to be the first thing I reach for when setting up a new plane or after crashing an old one!" Dave R.

"Great product! Highly satisfied. Thanks!" Jerry C.

"Thank you Gary for your servo tester. I was going to make my own tester using a 555 IC, but purchased yours instead because yours has more features including sweep and was cheaper than buying my own parts and making the pc board. I also appreciate the quick turnaround from order to delivery. This is a great product with terrific service." Carroll J.

"I have been having a good time using the cycler to test servos. Then It started coming in real handy setting up the servos in my new glider. It sure is a bunch easier than needing a receiver and transmitter, especially when one hand is already busy holding the servo in the proposed position while I watch the surface move." Ira F.

"Man I like this little unit. I am thinking seriously about ordering another one for a spare." Dave H.

"Just received my YTV and put it through its paces. Brilliant - works perfectly. It's amazing how much "functionality" you can get out of small programmable devices these days - if you have the ingenuity to design & develop it! Hope you're not going broke providing this useful tool to the public at such low cost." John P.

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The YTV Servo Cycler & Driver is guaranteed for 1 full year from the date of purchase.

We stand behind every YTV Servo Cycler & Driver for 1 full year. We are proud to offer this warranty because it's our hands that have designed and made this product. They are made in America by Americans. If for any reason your cycler should fail (except for reverse power polarity, excessive battery voltage or physical abuse) just send it back with a copy of your purchase receipt and we'll either repair or replace the YTV Servo Cycler & Driver at our discretion.

The YTV Servo Cycler and Driver can drive all modern servos, even digital. It's configured to use the most popular plug pin format and style of the JR and other same types. Use with older Airtronics servos will require using a conversion adaptor. All currently available Airtronics servos are sold with the compatible plugs and polarity. Conversion adaptors are readily available at hobby stores or you can make them. Also, some Multiplex servos use 1.6ms center, not the standard 1.5ms. They can still be used but the center will be off a bit.

International sales: We are currently only shipping to addresses in U.S.A. No exceptions.

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$20 Delivers To Your Door!!!

The YTV Servo Cycler & Driver is an innovative tool for R/C servo setup and diagnosis.

Never again install or repair servos the old fashion way. Even if you already own a servo driver, you will find the YTV Servo Cycler & Driver a superior product. Designed and made by real R/C modelers for modelers, the YTV Servo Cycler & Driver has some of the most advanced features available in an intuitive and easy to use servo driver. On top of that, for $20.00, it's a great value!

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Have you've done this before? I know we have...

It's time to install the servos in your latest project. You need to know that the servo arm is centered before it's mounted where access to the arm set screw will be impossible. You have no idea if the servo arm is centered on the electrical center or if the arm has been removed and reinstalled off center. Here's what you have to do to make sure the servo is centered:

OLD WAY Find a receiver battery, find the receiver, find the transmitter, make sure they are both on the same channel (find crystals if not), center mechanical trim tabs on all channels, turn on the transmitter, look at all programs that could affect centering (sub trim, center, mixing, etc.), turn on the receiver, start to plug the servo into different channels until it's on a stick and channel that you know is centered and now you know it's centered. Or do you? Did you check all the menu items that can effect centering? Did you bump the mechanical trims? What's that beeping? It's your transmitter low-battery alarm since you didn't recharge the transmitter after the last time you were out flying.

NEW WAY Find a receiver battery and your YTV Servo Cycler, plug in the servo and the battery... that's it. Nothing is easier to use for centering a servo.

For centering alone, this driver is worth the money, but we have taken servo driving to a whole new level in accuracy and features.

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Other examples of why a YTV Servo Cycler & Driver should be part of everyone's shop tools.

  • Using a 5 cell pack? Some drivers won't center or drift from center if the battery voltage changes, even a bit. The YTV will never drift with changes in battery voltage.

  • Setting up two, three or even four servos? Speed up the installation by driving 2,3 or even 4 servos at the same time. Excellent for ailerons, flaps or redundant servo installations. Also, it's a good way to test several servos at once, saving time and checking for differences in servo performance.

  • Want to use the right hole on the servo arm to maximize the throws without over driving the mechanics? Quickly find 3 known fixed locations - Full left, Center and Full right (1ms, 1,5ms and 2ms).

  • Does your transmitter allow a greater range then +/- 100% throws? Move the servo to any location with .9ms to 2.1ms (roughly +/- 120% range of motion).

  • Does your transmitter already have a servo test mode? How about programmable endpoints? Does it have 9 speeds, from super slow to torture? The YTV Servo Cycler and Driver does!

  • You going to trust that $$$ new airplane to a new yet untested servo? We don't recommend it! Test all your new servos to find poor ones. Go ahead, give the servo motors a good workout. We've seen a number of servos that loose strength after the motor/electronics warms up. Some just die!

  • Think a servo might be binding in one location? Use the YTV's programmable sweep speeds and programmable end points to zero in on that questionable servo position. Find chipped and worn gears fast. Focus in on that 'one' place where there's binding while keeping both hands free.

  • Do you keep a box of older used servos, but hesitate to use them because they might be bad? Spend an evening checking all those servos and you'll know for sure which one's are good and which are bad. How much money will that save you the next time a new airplane needs servos?

  • Need to memorize a driver setup so that a condition can repeated at a later date? The YTV Servo Cycler & Driver memorizes the sweep speeds and end-point locations without battery backup power. Just plug it back up in a day, weeks or years after setting it up and the same sweep speed and end-point operations are restored. To return back to the factory default settings (full range sweep and mid speed), just hold the center switch down while plugging in the battery.

  • Checking and cycling servos that are already installed can cause mechanical overdrive if the movement won't allow for full range. Set the YTV's end-points first before entering the sweep mode. Now the sweeping back and forth will only move to the limits you programmed. Not only is the servo tested in this condition, but so is the whole mechanical system. Isolate those points where a pushrod or control surface is binding.

  • Want to drive other servo based products like electric motor ECS's and gyros? Yes, it does that too. Note that the intended use of the YTV Servo Cycler & Driver is for servos only and use of the cycler on other products are not recommended. With ESC's the motor needs to be respected so as not to harm yourself, others or equipment. With gyros it's possible to allow autonomous control of a servo in flight but it's not recommended as the YTV Servo Cycler and Driver was never meant to be used in ANY situation where the safety of equipment, property or life could be in question.

  • Replacing the gears on that damaged servo? The YTV Servo Cycler & Driver makes a great tool for driving a servo when gears are being replaced, especially the pot center position.

  • Come up with your own uses. Several of the above mentioned uses have been supplied by YTV Servo Cycler & Driver owners.